A Cotton Ceiling rant and how Radfems are made

If you are like me, you avoid Tumblr, but I was alerted to this FABulous rant about the Cotton Ceiling, which linked to another Tumbler post on how radfems were born. I don’t know of a way to ‘re-blog’ a tumblr into wordpress, so I will do it old school.

Rant: The Cotton Ceiling

I was thinking about writing a post about the cotton ceiling seeing as I’m both a lesbian and a radical feminist, and this seems to be a point of discussion for both groups. As such I went and did some reading, looking up opinions and arguments all about it. I’m not going to write the sort of logical review and analysis I wanted to. This is pretty much my reaction to the cotton fucking ceiling.

After reading some of those opinions I don’t think I can look at transwomen the same- even on an individual level. The implied coercion, the disrespect- fuck it, these are men. You don’t try to break down barriers, when those barriers are personal sexual boundaries. You do not try. You do not attempt. You accept without a single fucking utterance.

There was something that clicked in my head though,after doing some reading. I’m not paranoid (or should I say reasonably cautious?) about being raped when I’m around gay men, or transwomen. The sort of conditioning, the urge to walk on the other side of the road, or the regret about not going out alone- that wouldn’t have been triggered by the presence of anything but a heterosexual or bisexual, cisgender-presenting man. Not anymore. I think now I can only reserve that trust for gay men and women. It’s just… none of this was cool, or okay.

I ran into a post that said for every cotton ceiling workshop held, 5 radical feminists are born. If I wasn’t a radical feminist before, I sure would be now. I didn’t bother reading what that transcultist genderbitch said afterwords, I’m already triggered enough as is.

“The cotton ceiling is a theory… it means that cis queer women [lesbians] will be friends with us [heterosexual men aka “lesbian” transwomen] and talk day and night about trans rights and ending transmisogyny, but will still not consider us viable sexual partners… The cotton represents underwear, signifying sex.” – workshop facilitator, Morgan M. Page

You know you’d think they’d at least try to give it a name that wasn’t so reminiscent of rape. Breaking through panties. Nice.

Thank you for that rant Hanna, very much with you on all of that. GallusMag has several Cotton Ceiling posts, here and here. I thank GM in advance for nicking (should that be knickering?) the graphic.

I could not find the original Tumblr post, only the version with the trans hatefest attached.

For every lesbian you bully into sex – a radical feminist is born.
For every woman you threaten with violence – a radical feminist is born.
For every woman who gets silenced in a feminist space for talking about women’s biology – a radical feminist is born.
For every woman who is intimidated into silence by the trans borg descending upon her valid criticisms – a radical feminist is born
For every woman who is told abortion is “not a women’s issue” – a radical feminist is born.
For every man who tags pictures of his penis on tumblr as #lesbian – a radical feminist is born.
For every woman hating flyer passed out at michigan womyns music festival that says “real women have cocks” – a radical feminist is born.
For every man who says that he also gets a period – a radical feminist is born.
For every penis flashed at women in private spaces – a radical feminist is born.
For every “cotton ceiling” workshop you host in LGBT spaces – 5 radical feminists are born.
For every woman you mansplain to about what it is to be a *woman on the inside* – a radical feminist is born.

For every stupid message you send to a radical feminist who is far more clever than you – another woman sees your illogical shit for what it is &
– a radical feminist is born.

If anyone knows who was the originator, I would be grateful to know.

Transactivists keep denying that death threats are continually made against radfems, and the re-tumblr’d by trans vary from the unhinged rantish namecalling to the standard death threats. From the Tumblr post, this one right at the end as an example:

Guess what, motherfucker? My partner identifies as male and gets a fucking period. Guess what else, motherfucker? Some women have cocks and that’s none of your fucking business. And guess what the fuck else, motherfucker? GO FUCK YOURSELF.


It becomes obvious why radfems no longer bother trying to find any middle ground with transactivists, such is their calibre.


3 thoughts on “A Cotton Ceiling rant and how Radfems are made

  1. I am now firmly convinced that the whole trans movement is really a variant of the same plaintive male whine calling for his wahmbulance, making women’s rights issues all about “teh menz.”


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