TERF and meat-eating vegetarians

This is a related follow-on from the ‘prentend radfems‘ post.

Transactivists have taken to naming us “TERFs”, particularly since the Radfem2012 trans-exclusion policy created such a stir. Typical, they do like forceably naming us, first with ‘cis’, now with TERF.

TERF stands for ‘Trans Excluding Rad Fem” – as if there was any other kind. Personally I like these versions of TERF.

This is a longstanding battle, even before ‘TERF’ came into vogue this year, and has its beginnings in the anti-feminist backlash of the 1980s-90s. Regular feminism (or feminist-lite) was co-opted and infiltrated by all manner of anti-female agendas (“sex-positive” – pro-pornstitution, pro-bdsm, choice feminism) until it became the most useless and meaningless “3rd wave feminism” whose only achievement to womankind has been to rejoice at calling ourselves sluts.

*facepalm* yeah, these idiots want a “positive rape culture”, radical feminists want to abolish the rape culture. But such is the stupidity of the 3rd wave.

Now anti-feminist forces have set their sights on radical feminism, and want to do the same damn thing to radical feminism as they did to feminism-lite, co-opt it, redefine it, and make it meaningless/useless.

None of these techniques could be used if it were not for ‘identity politics’, whereby whatever you say you are is taken at face value and must be treated as sacred. Transgenderism relies heavily on the protection it gets from identity politics – we must not ‘question’ the sacred internal ‘gender’ of someone (apparently, although radfems don’t buy that).

Enter TERF. A term invented purely for the hijacking of radical feminist politics. It creates an artificial frame of reference that there are pro-trans radfems out there. The technique has been used unsuccessfully before, with such nonsense as “sex positive radical feminism” and “queer radical feminists” and “pro-pornsitution radical feminism”.

It is basically as ridiculous as saying “meat-eating vegetarianism”, creating an artificial notion that there are non-meat-eating vegetarians (NMEV) and meat-eating vegetarians (MEV) – total and utter stupidity and everyone can (or should!) see that fallacy.

Twitter is so damn limiting to express more than simplistic thoughts – I hate it!

Nor does it really make any sense for all our opposition to co-opt the term ‘radical feminism’, considering they and everyone else hate us. The only objective in co-opting and redefining the meaning of radical feminism is to make it as useless as feminism-lite (the geniuses that brought us ‘positive rape culture’).

That won’t be happening on my watch.

Now if you don’t mind, I am off to MRE (male rights extremists) forums to redefine MREism as pro-woman, militant matriarchy, and men as second class citizens. Because that doesn’t sound ridiculous at all.


17 thoughts on “TERF and meat-eating vegetarians

  1. I give an Exhibit A on this appropriation and redefining bullshit. This Facebutt group calling themselves Pacific Northwest/Western USA Radical Sex-Positive Feminists. There seem to be a whole pile of men in this ‘feminist’ group, including our ‘beloved’ Tobi-bian.

    Here is their full About:

    All genders welcome!

    This group is for radical sex-positive feminists to discuss whatever we want, especially radical sex-positive feminist politics. Anyone can join but the group will be geared towards radical sex-positive feminists in the Pacific Northwest. I encourage you to use this group to advertise cool events and maybe even start networking with other feminists.

    When I say “radical sex-positive feminists” this includes people of many different opinions and ideologies. However it is also an attempt to filter out capitalists, transphobic bullshit, anti-sex worker attitudes, people who condemn all porn including feminist porn, etc.

    Socialists, communists, anarchists, and other types of radicals are welcome. Also Canadians! If something about this group bothers you then bring it up. If you have suggestions for changing it or adding content then bring it up.

    I am a white temporarily able-bodied pansexual genderqueer trans dyke anarchist-feminist living in Oregon. So the content will be biased towards that perspective at first.


    Basic Ground rules:

    -respect peoples identities, preferred pronouns, genders, etc.

    -respect security culture don’t talk about illegal actions or things that shouldn’t be discussed in public

    -realize that if you join this group you will be out as a radical sex-positive feminist to the government and possibly employers.

    -Be respectful. This includes no bashing of sex workers, transgender people, feminist porn directors, etc. I will delete disrespectful comments.

    -If you are going to post a comment, article, picture, etc that might be upsetting or traumatic for people post a trigger/trauma warning. Here is an example of a trigger/trauma warning.

    “Trigger/trauma warning this article deals with homophobia, sexual violence and anti-sex worker prejudice and could be upsetting or bring up traumatic memories.”

    Thanks for joining!

    A general explanation of sex-positivity:

    Sex-positivity is the belief that any type of sexual decision or activity is okay (including abstinence) as long as it is healthy and consensual. Sex-positivity is about creating a society where everyone can have a positive relationship with sex and sexuality. This doesn’t mean that all sex is good and positive. Some examples of positive relationships with sex and sexuality: having lots of sex with different people, having no sex with anyone, being able to choose how to express your sexuality without pressure, coercion, shame, judgement, violence, etc.

    Sex-positivity encourages open communication about sex and healthy relationship models. Sex-positivity also acknowledges that there is an amazing amount of diversity in human sexuality and that what works for one person is not necessarily what works for another. Sex-positivity attempts to foster healthy and happy sexual relationships and culture in order to combat negative forces in our society such as sexism, sexual assault, sexual harrassment, rape, etc.

    “I am a white temporarily able-bodied pansexual genderqueer trans dyke anarchist-feminist”

    Identity Politics there much Elly? Jeez.


  2. Thanks for this post. I’ve realised I hate all this fucking with language even more than I hate their misogynistic hate speech and threats because it’s insidious and sneaky. But luckily Daly has done the groundwork for us so we can see it coming, and know how to deal with it. Just like I reject the term “cis” (I refuse to be defined as “other than”), I reject the lie that there are trans-inclusive radfems. Radfems are defined by our politics, and you’re right: they’re trying to alter the definition of those politics.
    I don’t think they’ll have much success with this one though. BY now everyone on the internet knows *real* radfems are evil “transphobes”, and that anyone else is just a poser in radfem clothes.

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      • And they aren’t, and will never be, radical as they refuse to look at the ORIGINS (the roots, in other words) of their philosophies. They choosey choose choose to call themselves radical because it sounds “cool” – and they are wannabe cool kid poseur extraordinaires. Quite pathetic. I wonder how many of them line up to get the very next iPad because it’s .0025% thinner than the previous generation…

        The ORIGINS of their philosophies are, of course, misogyny and its attendant hierarchies. BUT THAT’S NOT COOL TO TALK ABOUT.


    • BY now everyone on the internet knows *real* radfems are evil “transphobes”, and that anyone else is just a poser in radfem clothes.

      I would have thought so. It does seem stoopid for the posers to even try.

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    • So much for the English language. It’s clear they are trying to rewrite the history according to them and on top of that, trying to rewrite gender as well. It’s clear they are very delusional.


  3. I think we totally should! I’m a fighter for men’s REAL rights – men’s rights to sit down, shut up, and listen to women for once. Men’s rights to do all the dishes for no pay! I’m sure we can think of a lot more!


    • Part of our re-writing MREism is to insist that all menz must be buff and toned, and all perform poledancing (this empowerfulment will make up for all the loss of rights that they think we are going to take away from them, in the “militant matriarchy” LOL).

      In all seriousness, MRE types actually ARE shit scared that if women get any power at all, we will do to them what they have being doing to us.


      • That’s funny too, because it’s the only time they accidentally admit they know what they’ve been doing all along. Oops!


      • Ah yes, they do inadvertently admit to what they have been doing, usually with the admission of “what, you want women to dominate men???” They cannot see any other way than one group dominating another. In reality, matriarchical societies are the most egalitarian. For *some reason*, that strikes fear into the hearts of MREs.

        And really, what trans, specifically M2Ts are doing to women, is the same colonisation and invasion and domination that men have always done to women’s time and spaces. We just want to be left alone, without male domination.


  4. “I am a white temporarily able-bodied pansexual genderqueer trans dyke anarchist-feminist living in Oregon.”

    This just about sums it up, the sheer nonsense and narcissism of the whole thing.


    • It is the horror that happens when you try to mix the Oppression Olympics AND the Privilege Pissing Contest all together. With a big dollop of Identity Politics thrown in for good measure.


      • I guess you can their spectacular failures in progress. They not only fail at feminism, they fail in biology as well. I wonder is biology is party of their Olympics.


  5. I am a white temporarily able-bodied pansexual genderqueer trans dyke anarchist-feminist living in Oregon.

    Shit. I left my Uber-Liberal Sex-Pozzie Decoder Ring in stall #3 of the Walmart women’s restroom.

    Oh wait…. here it is. Annnnnnd TRANSLATION:

    I’m a straight white dude who likes to hide behind a bunch of fucking unnecessary labels so that I can pretend to be a victim, thus avoiding any uncomfortable situations in which I may be asked to acknowledge my MALE PRIVILEGE.

    Lulz @ “temporarily able-bodied”. WTF is that supposed to mean? Is he trying to work disabilities like gender (eg. “I feel/don’t feel disabled today, therefore I am/am not”) ???


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