Background on Jamison Green and Dallas Denny

An adjunct to GallusMag’s post on WPATH President-Elect Jamison Green Calls For Lesbian Bookburning, given that both critics of the forthcoming book by Sheila Jeffreys and Lorene Gottschalk, are both prominent transgender activists.


Dallas Denny (M2T)

Dallas Denny, M2T

Adhering to the copyright restrictions on the post, only a small amount can be copied here, the full article Dallas Denny (1949 – ) psychologist, activist  can be found at the original blog.

Dallas was raised as an army brat in bases all over the world. He started going out as a girl in his teens.

The military is an organisation of hyper-masculinisation, but rejecting hyper-masculinity does not make a male into a female. It is somewhat of a coincidence that several prominent transactivists – Autumn Sandeen and Monica Helms – are both ex-Navy also.

Dallas Denny started cross-dressing in his teens. Given the timing of the onset of this cross-dressing, it would seem to be tied to sexual arousal, and Denny was and to my knowledge, remains attracted to females (a heterosexual male). At age 22 Denny married a female, then divorced at age 28.

He was ready to transition, but did not know about female hormones, or where to get them. He worked for the state of Tennessee as a psychological examiner.

It seems strange that someone who trained in psychology, part of the medical profession would not “know” about female hormones, nor where to get them.

Dallas stole part of a prescription pad and self-prescribed Diethylstilbestrol (DES). He feminized over the next ten years.

He was working for the State of Tennessee, and stole a prescription pad, and committed forgery. Curious what Denny’s employer would have done if they had found out about this. In the UK, that would be grounds for dismissal.

The only community group in Nashville was a branch of the Society for the Second Self (Tri-Ess) with its no gays, no transsexuals policy. Dallas lied about his transsexuality and joined.

The Tri-Ess group is a social support group for heterosexual cross-dressers and their spouses/families. Rather a bizarre combination group, upholding heterosexuality and specifying it was for (part time) cross-dressers rather than for full-time transsexuals. I gather the strong homophobic element and upholding the patriarchical institution of marriage and heterosexuality is part of the American South. The important part of the paragraph is showing that Denny will lie to achieve his aims. The thing about liars is that, once a proven liar and manipulator, it is rather hard to trust or believe anything they say.

Given that Denny’s sexual orientation remains towards females, he is therefore a heterosexual male and now “Pretendbian” (pretend lesbian). Denny was born in 1949, and marks his official transition in 1989 (aged 40), although the process was started around age 30.

Denny has authored two books, has edited (and sometimes published) several transgender journals, and produced numerous transgender pamplets. Between 1990-1998 Denny founded and was Executive Director of transgender organisation AEGIS. Notably this is not the first time Denny has gone after a ‘trans-critical’ author, and ‘spoke out against’ Michael Bailey’s The Man who would be Queen. Denny is now co-authoring the charge against Jeffreys & Gottschalk’s forthcoming book.


Jamison Green (F2T)

Jamison Green, F2T

Green was also around the age of 40 when beginning ‘transition from female’.

Born in Oakland, California in 1948, Green began his female-to-male (FTM) transition in 1988 while employed with Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Like Denny, Green is also a published author of a book and numerous transgender journals, as well as being President-Elect of WPATH and having served in prominent positions of other transgender organisations.



WPATH is World Profession Association for Transgender Health, an organisation for medical professionals specialising/treating transgenderism.

I find their logo curious, given it seems to show a very M2T bias, as well as a subconscious reminder of ‘warpath’ in the acronym.

WPATH logo

The transgender community and professionals have so many associations, organisations,  support groups and lobby groups. And so many transactivists seem to make a decent living out of promoting transgenderism.

So why is it that two published authors, with vested interests in protecting transgenderism, would feel the need to either stop or pre-emptively censor a trans-critical book before it is even published? The vested financial interests and livelihood in transgenderism seems the prime motivation. Just as many of the prominent pro-pornography and pro-prostitution ‘activists’ earn their livings from those industries.

The normal response is to challenge the work once it has been published, and if the work is truly without merit, it is easily debunked. But transactivists feel compelled to stop any trans-critical work reaching the general public – they do not what the public to know the full truth about transgenderism, only the transgender propaganda.

Transactivists tried to silence another trans-critical author, harassing Professor J. Michael Bailey after his book The Man who would be Queen was published, including going after Bailey’s children. These actions are not the actions of a group with any legitimacy.

If Professor Jeffreys and other trans-critical writers are supposedly ‘completely wrong’ and supposedly ‘bigoted’, then let the public see for themselves, instead of pre-publication censorship or book banning.

16 thoughts on “Background on Jamison Green and Dallas Denny

    • mmm yes. I was disturbed by it, and you have probably nailed it, thanks. It is also male-heavy, two versions of the male symbol, and the transformation stuff seems to only go M2T – like the majority of them.


  1. Reblogged this on Living Kallmann's Syndrome and commented:
    This is why Intersex people get screwed under WPATH because the Trans that run WPATH, have this agenda of trying to erase intersex people because they believe in their warped mind that intersex people threaten their ideology and agenda. It’s why intersex people don’t belong in HBSoC, WPATH or DSM. They belong under the endocrinology area and not the psychiatry area.


  2. Yes, the first thing that struck me with the logo was the arrow seeming to rape / impregnate the female part. You can really see it’s all about men’s cocks invading women.


  3. Thank you for ploughing through all this Davina. I couldn’t even sit through that video of the woman-haters going after Cathy B in the park.

    It’s just one awful thing after another.


  4. Thank you. Actually there are 3 male symbols, to the one female symbol, and yes they ARE invasive. I have read about Tri-Ess in the past, and all that simpering and softening one’s voice and dressing ultra feminine, speaks of MALE visions of femaleness and conformity. I didn’t know Tri-Ess was anti-homosexual(and there are MANY homosexual MTF’s who prefer men) and that it was only for cross dressers.When I once read about it, I thought it was training for men to learn how to ‘be women’, or at least ‘to be feminine appearing and acting’. I had no clue it was strictly for heteros and crossdressers, some of the MOST misogynist Lesbian hating and objectifying men I’ve EVER come across, INSISTING their way into our communities, while bringing in their 40 years of male privilege and training and hormones.

    Jamison Green disgusts me even more….having lived in the same town as him for years…and him constantly back biting the Dyke community. Heck, just leave in peace and live your ‘male life’ and leave us Dykes the fuck alone! What a sellout, while lauding male privilege over us which is what he is doing on a preemptive strike to silence Dykes and women from criticising JUST HOW MALE IDENTIFIED THE TRANS MOVEMENT REALLY IS! And that it moves bio females and Lesbians and Butches BACKWARDS, not forwards, it is NOT liberating, and I can’t stomach seeing ONE MORE BUTCH TELL ME SHE WANTS TO TRANSITION! NOT ONE MORE! Thanks to his fucking ilk!



    • Ah yes, you are correct – there are indeed THREE male symbols embedded in that logo to the ONE female one, and that is being penetrated (rapetastically!) by one of the male symbols. The 75/25 split does accurately reflect the make up of the trans community (three out of the four symbols male).

      And yes, the trans movement is very male identified, from the M2Ts who still behave like male colonisers in female spaces, to the defector F2Ts who adopt all the worst qualities of males in order to pass.


      • That’s why the trans movement is male centered. It’s using male upbringing to push their trans agenda onto Bio women, lesbian and intersex people. That’s why Trans can’t pass even if they try to.


  5. The first thing I noticed about the logo was that the male symbol on the left, the one that is supposed to be the full on male symbol, actually has a curved arrow, whereas the traditional male symbol has a straight arrow. To me, that just instantly signified a flaccid penis (because, we know men are always so obsessed with an erect penis, and have incredible anxiety and hatred toward their flaccid penis). It just seemed so evocative of sexual dysfunction (and/or possibly homosexual repression)… and plays into the idea that a lot of MtF’s feel like “I failed at being a man, therefore I must be a woman.” The arrow straightens up in the third symbol as it becomes pink.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I noticed “Mr Floppy” in there. And chuckled. A lot.

      I like your analysis on that, ‘failed masculinity therefore must be a woman’, because many of them fit under that definition.

      Frankly for a so-called ‘world professional association’ that would presumably include psychologists, you would think that someone, somewhere along the line, would have raised an eyebrow with what was going along with that logo!


      • Your right about that. Most M2T’s are failed men and failed at Manhood. Now they are trying out womanhood. It’s clear that many trans and M2T fail at everything in life.


  6. Believe it or not, a pingback (Submitted on 2014/08/10 at 17:41) only just arrived. The pingback was for an article that Dallas Denny wrote for the trans tabloid “The Transadvocate” back in July 2013. Rather strange that the pingback took over 12 months to arrive. Anyway, I am not live linking to it. It is from (remove the #s):

    The criticism by Mr Denny is:

    “The author was, fortunately or unfortunately, not very smart. My history as an army brat was taken to mean not that I had a parent in the U.S. military, but that I myself had served—and in the Navy, at that!

    Then Denny quotes from the above:

    “Dallas was raised as an army brat in bases all over the world. He started going out as a girl in his teens.”

    The military is an organisation of hyper-masculinisation, but rejecting hyper-masculinity does not make a male into a female. It is somewhat of a coincidence that several prominent transactivists – Autumn Sandeen and Monica Helms – are both ex-Navy also.

    Firstly, he is incorrect that his (now admission) that he was in the Navy takes away what I had said about the culture of hypermasculinity of the military (and yes, ‘military’ does include Navy in this regard)—if anything, it actually strengthens what I said, because he was exposed to that culture first hand, not second hand.

    Secondly, everyone understands the term ‘army brat’ to mean what the two pages of the predominately male-written Wikipedia mean by the term (although they have opted for a more generic ‘Military Brat’, which is inclusive of the various armed forces.

    “Military brat” and various “brat” derivatives describe the child of a parent (or parents) serving full-time in the United States Armed Forces, and can also refer to the unique subculture and lifestyle of American military brats.The term refers to both current and former children of such families.

    So it seems that Mr Denny, even with his US military (naval) background either does not understand the term, or is wilfully misleading the reader by using the term in the way he did. In actual fact, the additional “was raised as” confirms that this is a case of misleading the reader. “Was raised as” refers to childhood, the child of military parent(s). If Mr Denny had meant to (rather dubiously) refer to the impact of the military (naval) culture had had on him as a young adult, then the phrase that could have been used was “had come of age in…”, however, this would remain a very dubious use of “army brat”.

    To reiterate the accusation by Mr Denny about myself:

    “The author was, fortunately or unfortunately, not very smart.”

    The evidence stacks up differently. It is Mr Denny who is either ‘not very smart’, or fabricating/misleading the reader by his own termologies used. Transgender activists live in a world where they get away with making things up, or twisting words to mean whatever they want them to mean, and their devoted disciples (“allies”) seem not to notice nor care. Such ambiguity or dishonesty does not fly in the world of radical feminism.

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