London Radical Feminist Conference, July 2012

Last weekend in London, after nearly quarter of a century underground, the Women’s Liberation Movement rose again when Radical Feminists from many parts of the world met to discuss the current status of all women and girls today.

It was fantastic to meet women from all over the UK, Europe and America. Local Activists, Bloggers, and many older Feminist Activists – the conference spanned the ages from 20 to 70, with women from many cultures represented and many experiences and strategies were shared.

London Radical Feminist Conference, July 2012
Statement from organisers:

This July saw radical feminists from across the globe converge in London for a milestone women-only, radical feminist conference.

What happened was important, urgent and necessary. Women of all ages and from many different backgrounds connected, discussed and organised, and the result was truly electrifying.

The agenda of the conference was shaped by some of the most significant issues affecting women today, with a particular focus on male violence against women and girls in all its forms.

Keynote speakers were Professor Sheila Jeffreys and Gail Dines. Panel sessions and workshops addressed topics including male violence against women and girls; prostitution; disability and women’s oppression; lesbian feminism, women-only organising and feminist culture; sharing knowledge across feminist generations; and challenging misogyny, along with several sessions focusing on organising. Some of the speeches may become available at a later time.

The organisers would like to thank all the speakers, panelists, chairs, facilitators, volunteers and delegates for making the event so incredibly vibrant and energising. We also thank all those who helped and supported the conference from a distance.

We believe that this conference, along with others taking place around the world, heralds the mobilisation of a new era of radical feminist activism. In the face of the ongoing economic, political, social and cultural oppression of women, and relentless male violence and misogyny, such mobilisation is essential and urgently needed.

We look forward to more.

The minor controversy about the conference strengthened our resolve to meet, and highlighted why feminism is critical at this point of time. The threats over the internet came to nothing, and the conference went on smoothly and without interruption. We devoted our time to focusing on the main areas of Radical Feminism – Pornography, Prostitution, and Male Violence Against Women and Children.

The conference was highly successful, with a wide range of topics discussed in a very short space of time. The success of this conference foresees future gatherings and the re-vitalisation of Radical Feminism. Many of the attendees felt invigorated in the female-only space of like-minded feminists.

A big thank you to all the organisers, speakers and panelists – as well as to all the attendees of the conference.


4 thoughts on “London Radical Feminist Conference, July 2012

  1. Thanks for this write-up, Davina. Despite my political differences with radical feminism, I’m delighted that this event against misogynist violence went ahead. Congratulations to the organisers for renewing participants’ determination and passion for feminism.


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