Sex industry advocates threaten to come after your daughters next

Male entitlement to female bodies never ceases to appall me. In this ‘article’ the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada have issued a not-so-veilled threat of ‘conning your 18yo daughters into stripping’ if they don’t get their way. Sorry, that is meant to read ‘marketing to your 18yo daughters’.

The so-called ‘crisis’ in the Canadian ‘sex industry’ is due to the government ceasing to issue visas for foreign women working as strippers. Watch the video too, here is the article:

Strip clubs set to recruit high school students

TORONTO – Recruiters of teenage strippers may soon be scouring Toronto high schools in search of female students who can be groomed into disrobing part-time as exotic dancers to earn college tuition.

A flyer praising the benefits of the burlesque trade has been produced to target students in high schools, colleges and universities in the Toronto area, says a group representing dancers and club owners.

The brochure claims working as a dancer pays well, offers flexible hours and makes a “great part-time job to raise college tuition.”

A scramble is underway by the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada to fill a demand for dancers after the federal government this month stopped issuing visas or extensions for foreign strippers to work here. There are up to 800 foreign strippers in Canada and most vow to go underground and work in the sex trade if they can’t dance legally.

The foreign dancers, many of whom are from Eastern Europe and South America, represent about 5% of the 38,000 strippers working in clubs across Canada. Most of them dance in Toronto, Windsor, Ont., London, Ont., Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Calgary.

Caroline, 28, and Nicola, 25, have been dancing in a downtown Toronto club for more than a year and have tasted the good life, and now don’t want to return to their native Hungary.

“We are not happy that visas are no longer being issued to us,” Caroline said. “I am very disappointed and afraid of what may happen to me in the future.”

The women say they work long hours and send most of their earnings back home to their families.

“We did not do anything wrong in Canada,” she said. “They should not be sending us back home.”

Nicola said she’s stressed out and hasn’t been able to eat since hearing news of the visa revocation.

“My visa is almost expired and I am very scared,” she said. “I am very shattered that I may no longer be able to work and help my family back home.”

The association said the visa ban that began July 14 means more Canadian women have to be hired to meet the demand. The new rules will prevent strip clubs, escort services and massage parlours from having access to foreign women.

“They’re destroying the industry by creating a labour shortage,” association director Tim Lambrinos said. “The word ‘exotic’ means foreign and that’s what people want to see.”

The association has created a “six-point action plan” to help keep the dancers in Canada. That includes more recruitment of women in high schools and colleges, lobbying the government for changes and if all else fails, the strippers plan to file refugee claims or marry Canadian citizens to sponsor them.

Lambrinos said girls 18 and older can work as dancers in Ontario, according to advice from their lawyers.

He said recruiters from strip clubs will try to attract students by attending job fairs at high schools, colleges and universities in Toronto and surrounding areas.

“We are already doing some outreach work in some areas,” Lambrinos said. “We will be taking a strippers’ dance pole with us to the schools.”

He said overcrowded Toronto high schools can become a prime recruiting ground for potential dancers.

QMI Agency has obtained a draft copy of the flyer to be circulated to high school students. It advises them that they can earn tuition fees while working as an “exotic dance entertainer” and that no sex with customers is permitted.

“If you are visually appealing and comfortable with your naked body and are comfortable about taking all your clothes off,” the flyer states. “You can be working right now as an exotic dancer and earn your tuition fees for university or college.”

Students are told they must be “comfortable … onstage at a club and disrobing,” and are guaranteed that “no actual sex or sex acts (will) occur.”

It warns them that they will have to provide private dances, or table dances, in dark lounge areas and part-time, full-time or seasonal jobs are available.

Officials of the Toronto District School Board did not return phone calls or e-mails about the proposal despite repeated attempts by QMI Agency. Several high school students said they did not like the idea of strippers being recruited from among their peers.

Foreign dancers said they’re willing to get married to a Canadian citizen or file refugee claims to stay here.

Plans are in place to seek Canadian men to marry some of the strippers whose visas are about to expiry, which could force them to go underground and into the hands of organized crime to work in the sex trade.

Lambrinos said photographs and descriptions of some the dancers will be posted on the Internet and newspaper ads with text seeking Canadian husbands. Potential hubbies will have to be citizens and not have a criminal record.

“This is very urgent for some of the dancers whose visas are nearing expiry,” Lambrinos said. “Every potential sponsor will be looked at and the girls will make a decision on who they want to marry.”

There will be a phone number and e-mails for the potential husbands to contact their potential brides.

Officials of the Canada Border Services Agency said the scheme can be considered a marriage of convenience, since there is no history of courtship between the couple. If approved, the sponsor will be responsible for his wife for about 10 years in Canada.

“We’re trying to do all we can to keep the dancers here,” Lambrinos said. “The girls themselves have said they are not going back home.”

He said another plan will have the strippers file claims for refugee status and there is no guarantee that they will be accepted.

Immigration officials said filing a claim will allow the women to remain here for more than a year as they challenge the case, but eventuality they will have to leave.

The controversial “stripper visa” dates back to 1998 and allowed hundreds of foreign dancers into the country each year. In 2001, for example, 660 foreign dancers, mostly from eastern Europe, were admitted.

All they had to do was provide a Canadian job offer from a strip club and prove they were qualified to “dance.”

Roughly 100 of the visas have been renewed each year since 2006.

Support for the program has plummeted ever since MP Judy Sgro, a former Liberal immigration minister, resigned in 2000 after facing accusations that she fast-tracked a stripper who worked on her campaign — a scandal dubbed “Strippergate.”

Students already stripping to pay tuition: Club owner

One popular Toronto strip club owner says his stable of exotic dancers include more than a dozen college or university students.

The well-known Toronto businessman, who did not want to be publicly identified, said two of his dancers are studying to become doctors; four are attending law school and six are taking classes to become chartered accountants.

“They just do their job and go home,” the owner said. “They are very intelligent and always show up on time and don’t perform extras.”

Club owners have created a six-point plan of action to recruit strippers as foreign dancers are becoming scarce as their visas can’t be renewed under a new federal law.

They plan on organizing the dancers; stepping up recruitment in high schools, colleges and universities; seeking Canadian husbands to marry those whose visas are expiring; filing refugee claims, lobbying the federal government and working with civil servants.

Firstly, this so-called ‘crisis’, only affecting 5% of the (documented) strippers – in a sector that is hardly essential or necessary to begin with. I fail to see the ‘crisis’.

In the video the threat of going after teenaged daughters is more apparent – the sleezebag interviewed is Tim Lambrinos, the Executive Director of the Adult Entertainment Association. Are we to believe that the stripping industry don’t actively ‘recruit’ 18yo teenaged girls now with promises of easy/big money for just  getting their clothes off? Note in the article how they did actually mention that strippers had to be prepared to do the ‘private dances’, this is where strippers make the actual big money, not on the stage in so-called ‘tasteful burlesque’ or ‘exotic dancing’ and the hundred other euphemisms they come up with. I assume the Canadian stripping industry is the same as elsewhere – dancers are not employees but self-employed ‘contractors’ that have to pay a hefty sum to the club to dance – whichever way you slice it, this is not an ethical sector – it is run by sleezy ‘businessmen’, and the umbrella organisation is headed by yet another morally bankrupt sleezebag.

What was interesting in the article to see the size of the ‘industry’ – 38,000 females working as strippers. Canada’s population is just under 34.5 million, so strippers alone make up about 0.2% of the female population. Add in prostitution and pornography, that would be half a percent or more of the female population working in the ‘sex industry’. If we were to assume a ratio of either 30-to-1 or 50-to-1 Johns to ‘sex industry workers’, that would bring the number of Johns to 15-25% of the male population. Earmarked as ‘first against the wall’ come the revolution.

The other truly horrifying proposition in the article is that the AEA is proposing ‘arranged marriages’ of the foreign dancers to Canadian citizens in order to get around the new government policy – in a word, immigration fraud. Worst of all though, these young women are going to marry some John, and I really cannot imagine that he will leave his entitlement at the door – she’s a stripper, and ‘his wife’, of course he is going to expect sex out of the deal. Probably a cut of her earnings too. Great – marriage to a Pimp/John. And a recipe for domestic violence. The AEA are not satisfied with simply exploiting and trafficking young women, they want to get into the ‘mail order bride’ business too.

At least some of these foreign women would have been trafficked, so I gather the government is trying to do the right thing to try and curb the trafficking. Of course stripping would be the tip of the iceberg, most of the trafficked young women would be locked away in brothels.

Male entitlement to female bodies just has to stop.

And maybe the Canada Border Services Agency would be interested to see that video and do a bit of an investigation on the AEA and Lambrinos? I hope so. Surely even approaching 17yo girls for ‘a future in stripping’ should be deemed illegal. Of course there will be 17yo’s mixed in with the 18yo’s.

Regardless of any of the above, there is no virgin/whore dichotomy, in the eyes of these men, we are all whores.


Sleezebag pimp Lambrinos is also targeting the school girls of Vancouver BC at high school career fairs.

See video here:


16 thoughts on “Sex industry advocates threaten to come after your daughters next

  1. ‘Crisis’ what crisis? Oh I had forgotten men are in crisis because there are insufficient young disposable women for these male sexual predators to subject to sexual violence and then discard as rubbish.

    Hey Pornstitution Industry why not target all those young nubile males who are currently unemployed? Oh but wait men are not other men’s disposable sexualised objects are they – but women are and always have been according to Male Supremacist claims.

    The Pornstitution Industry – aka The Adult Entertaiment Industry which is of course code for ‘Mens’ Sexual Entertainment Industry’ are doing their utmost to reinstate male sexual enslavement of females because only reason why females exist is to serve men in whatever capacity men demand. Oh but wait – male sexual enslavement of women already exists and men call it the ‘Mail Order Bride Business’ whereby men order dehumanised females via the internet and she is subsequently delivered to the male buyer for his personal use/abuse.

    Whores? The only whores are those men who are demanding an endless supply of disposable dehumanised young women for these men to subject to sadistic sexual violence.

    Canadian male dominated right-wing conservative party needs to address male demand not as always punish migrant young women. But then Male Supremacist System has always demonised women and excused/justified males’ pseudo sex right to women and their bodies.


  2. It’s sickening that this is presented as the Canadian government coming in and destroying women’s livelihood, and the johns who will marry the women as their merciful saviours. When in reality it is an abusive industry relying upon and perpetuating women’s status as the sex class, and the men who marry these poor women are basically getting a free live-in prostitute while getting to look like heroes in the eyes of the community.


    • It was the marriage concept that made my eyes bug out.
      You just know many of these women would be trapped in an abusive marriage for years – and tied to him for at least ten years due to immigration regulations.


  3. Wow. Who in the hell would classify a shortage of strippers as some sort of emergency situation? Oh wait…porn-sick men, that’s who.

    I wonder, do they even realize what privileged, spoiled brats they are? Although male strip joints certainly exist, they are few & far between…and the women who visit them get stuck with all of the usual derogatory labels reserved for “promiscuous” females.

    Men have their shitty little system set up so that, either way, women are always the whores.


  4. In the U.S. Dakota’s and other states there are mining and oil booms underway, with large salaries for truckers and labor in these formerly small towns now grown to boom and bust Wild West scenarios.

    Is that same “comfort industry” demand driving this crisis in Toronto? Is Toronto the entry point for human trafficking to service these massive employment boon for men now in remote areas for hard physical labor in mining and oil/gas industry? That would tie the raping and pillaging of the resource extraction industry to the raping and pillaging of female bodies. Or, is it a crisis because the demographics are changing and there are fewer younger bodies (graying of populations) for the strip clubs? Or, is demand spiking? Business as usual? Or, demand from new business?

    The Male Adult Entertainment Industry has created their services by giving crumbs – a taste of male royal entitlement to harem on demand – for pennies to the masses of men. I grew up before online porn. And, I didn’t know what online porn was doing for decades until the good internet research NGO sites now available, but I did get my first publication on what was called “white slavery” back in the early 1970’s out of a San Francisco women’s group. My friends refused to believe in trafficking, called white slavery back then but now we have the facts. Women are only beginning to see the light on this whole travesty of female civil rights of those harmed by the “entertainment” industry that is really a rape and abuse industry.

    I understand the relationship between online porn driving demand for more weird sexual stimulation to fire up their depleted neuronal reward circuits in their over-stimulated brains, thus driving up trafficking of prostituted persons to serve demand, creating wide swaths of males groomed to believe they are not only entitled to abuse and degrade not only paid rape victims but now those commercial-based acts of degradation are being demanded of civilian women in their private lives to emulate imagery and satisfy the diseased gonzo porn carbuncle on the brain (which is what their brain as proven on MRI after porn use) has become for the majority of males addicted to internet porn.

    Gawdess, this Canadian report is disgusting and disturbing on so many levels. Thanks for posting.


    • thanks for that excellent comment, surviorthriver. Another thing about the pornstitution industry in remote areas is that it is always the populations of local Indigenous women, and/or other local women of colour who are disproportionally targeted and affected by the arrival and growth of the industry.


  5. What these places aren’t telling the girls they’re trying to recruit (at least from what I remember when Mustang Ranch went on the radio telling women in the SF bay area how great it was to work in a legal whorehouse) is that it’s not like the place that you go to strip at is giving you a paycheck. You actually have to pay the establishment a fee for giving you a time slot to dance. You then have to approach the audience member, determine which one is proffering the largest tip, yourself, and that is where your money for the night’s work comes from. It is the luck of the draw, whether you get enough after your fee to make it worthwhile. And then there is the idea: how do you wrangle enough money from these “clients”? How do you do it when you only have so much time, and the music is going, etc? In that environment, how do you keep yourself safe, what with the audience usually being tipsy, and running on male entitlement?

    This reminds me of when the Mustang Ranch came to a local radio station and were saying how women who worked there would spend the summer and make enough $$ to spend the whole rest of the year going to college. They were talking this up a storm, making it sound really rosy and lucrative for these women.

    I found out later, somewhere else, that Mustang Ranch actually *charged* the women exorbitant prices to have a room there, and they had to haggle with their johns their own selves, and probably had to turn many tricks a night to be able to afford this wonderfully “lucrative” business venture.

    Just imagine being a young high school girl, with the attendant desire to grow up and move out and support yourself, and then getting stuck in that type of a situation. The ultimate bait and switch.

    This industry only cares about one thing: how much money they can make exploiting the talents of these young girls. Disgusting.


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