Feminism–Remember who you are working for

On a daily basis I encounter online a general cluelessness as to what Feminism is all about, primarily from younger women who call themselves feminists. The daily onslaught of misinformation includes “but men are victims too”, “what about the men?”, “that statement is anti-male”, etc.

Feminism—it’s NOT about men! The clue is in what feminism used to be more commonly called back in the days of the Second Wave—Women’s Liberation. To spell it out (even though in my opinion, the name is fairly self-explanatory), the Women’s Liberation Movement (aka Feminism) is about female liberation from male domination and control. It was not, nor was it ever about making the world a better place for men, even though the ‘unintended’ side effect of a more feminist-led society does have benefit for males, that is not Feminism’s primary goal.

But obviously, I need to spell it out more clearly. If you call yourself a Feminist, then the group of people you are working for are females, all females, regardless of race, age, disability, class; to improve the lives of all females born under a system of male supremacy; and recognising that just by virtue of being born female, females will be discriminated against from cradle to grave.

Now, if you want to go around and ‘make the world a better place for all people, regardless of gender (ie sex)’, then go ahead—but it is not Feminism, it is Humanitarianism. That is fine, as far as it goes, but Humanitarianism will never address the underlying inequality of a male supremacist society, Humanitarianism acts more like a charitable organisation, just helping out groups most affected (which would include poor men, men of colour, as well as the women of those groups). If the system that caused that inequality remains intact, then it is a never-ending supply of victims to help out.

Which does seem rather pointless in the long term. Which is where Radical Feminism comes in. The ‘radical’ in Radical Feminism means ‘getting to the root causes’ and to overthrow the system. This is where Radical Feminism differs from Liberal Feminism, Liberal Feminism being positioned between Humanitarianism and Radical Feminism. The common element between Humanitarianism and Liberal Feminism is in not really wanting to change the system, just tinker around the edges a little bit. The resemblance between Radical Feminism and Liberal Feminism is (or at least should be) the focus on one group (females) across the various groups (race, class) of society. I had to add the ‘should be’, because Liberal Feminism is now so damned focused on ‘what about the men’, that it has truly lost its way.

It is probably worth noting that most of the young women today who have the confusion about Feminism, were all born within the Backlash to Second Wave Feminism. Some of these young women have also done ‘Gender Studies’ at university, however, ‘Gender Studies’ is also part of the Backlash. It used to be called Women’s Studies, and like all proper feminism, focused on females!

I may make this a ‘Part 1’ post, with ‘Part 2′ addressing “How do you know if you are a Radical Feminist or a Liberal Feminist?’. Because not every feminist is automatically a Radical Feminist, even if the name sounds really hip and edgy.


6 thoughts on “Feminism–Remember who you are working for

  1. THANK YOU FOR THIS! Ooo, if I could I’d put this in a frame, put a chain around it and put it on my neck so I could flash it at people!

    “…but Humanitarianism will never address the underlying inequality of a male supremacist society, Humanitarianism acts more like a charitable organisation, just helping out groups most affected (which would include poor men, men of colour, as well as the women of those groups). If the system that caused that inequality remains intact, then it is a never-ending supply of victims to help out.”
    Say all of this! I gotten to the point that if folk say they’re a humanitarian, I stay the heck away from them. Because they SHOULD recognize that the one person falling behind the most is woman, thus they’d be helping women out the most. But, eh, can’t have that cause then the menz would be like “WHAT ABOUT US?!” and the group would be then, of course, labeled as ‘sexist’ for not putting men first.
    And this is why he hates feminism so much; the one group that doesn’t include him, or puts him first. Therefore, must be a hate group!

    Really, humanitarian is just another fancy word for saying “we only help the default humans; man.”

    [P.S.- I really look forward to your post(s) on Radfem vs Libfem! I hope you decide to make them]

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  2. I will add further, Humanitarianism and Liberal Feminism both operate as triage organisations. Within the global system of (white, male) patriarchy, this is a rabbit hole of never ending victims.

    Fine if you like ‘busy work’.

    Radical Feminists want to end the supply chain of victimisation.

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  3. Well knock me down with a feather! Feminism is not about men???? But, but, but this is precisely what Feminism is about according to the menz and as we know men never ever lie do they???? News flash – men always lie about what is and isn’t Feminism because men don’t want to have their male power over women challenged or even eliminated! What about equality??? Equality means ensuring mens’ rights are paramount because only men are default humans and their male lived experience is the supposedly ‘definitive human one.’ Womens’ lived material experiences are irrelevant!

    So for the umpteenth time – Feminism is about women’s liberation from male domination and this means focus is on women not ‘pandering to the men and worrying about upsetting their fragile male feelings.’ Contrary to mens’ claims their Male Supremacist System does exist and it is doing very well at the present by overturning the tiny rights Radical Feminists managed to wrest out of the hands of men. Real Feminist Refuges in the UK and Australia are swiftly becoming just a dream because the boys in political power are abolishing these refuges and ensuring Refuges will be non-feminist; business orientated and operate office hours! Women seeking help from these ‘one size fits all service centres’ will be told they are to blame for their male/ex male partner’s violence perpetrated against them.

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  4. “primarily from younger women who call themselves feminists” I have to question you, where is your feminist value of never blaming colonized women for patriarchal behavior? I see a lot of young MEN claiming feminism is equality.


    • It is not blame exactly, it is more observation and experience—because I do put a lot of time in on general (ie newbie) feminist groups. But the actual knowledge about feminism, and the actual ignorance of Herstory, is frustratingly low. Bascially the atmosphere in those general groups is like walking in on the Stepford Fems. Above, I did also make the comment that most of these YW were actually born within the backlash time, so that is to a degree, giving some understanding.

      As for dudes, well, as a separatist who really does not trust any dude, including ‘allies’, I really don’t bother to follow much of what they say. It is largely immaterial what they say in any respect.

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      • Yes we could all do well as feminists to care less about what men say, think and do. Especially within liberal feminism. At least me and Skulldrix and young and we get it. ^^ However it is a lifelong process and I would never claim to know more than a woman whos been on this road for decades. Reading lib fem stuff can be pretty otherworldly. There is so much hypocrisy, like them saying the Friend Zone is wrong because women don’t exist to pleasure men (which if true of course) but then they SUPPORT PROSTITUTION! I do believe we should be critical of what the lib fems are selling and break down their rhetoric so I wasn’t saying you were wrong for for analysis. I would really like to see a part 2. I will link poseur feminists to this post. 🙂

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