More excuses for male violence

Just when you thought you had heard all the excuses for male violence, out come even bigger whoppers. This post was going to be titled: “Messy House—It’s siege o’clock”.

So the situation today: A 28-year-old male took two boys hostage (aged one and three), presumably they are his sons. He also has a pregnant wife. The siege was apparently ‘sparked’ by a ‘domestic argument that got out of hand’, over a dirty house.

Hello? Pregnant wife and two young male toddlers, of course it is going to be messy you fool !

The excuses were apparently provided by his mother:

The man’s shaken mother, Shirley Miller, told the Herald Sun she had spoken to her son several times this morning, with a dirty house believed to be the cause of a row with his pregnant wife.

“He’s working long hours and is very tired and overworked, he just got home and found the house dirty, and the kids were a bit dirty, it was just a minor domestic” Mrs Miller said.

“It was a small row which just escalated.”

Mrs Miller, you really are not helping, by continuing to make excuses for your manbaby. These excuses are pathetic.

Rational people do not instigate hostage-taking on the basis of messy houses. Stop defending your manbaby. If the manbaby could not handle messy houses, then he should not have contemplated having children.

Anyway, the siege ended peacefully, in spite of earlier social media updates that he was intending ‘suicide by cop’ (over a messy house). Clearly men are showing signs that they should not be in charge of anything, ever.

Here is the full article, from the Herald-Sun:

TWO children involved in a siege at a house in a Geelong suburb have been released after 14 hours.

A 28-year-old man was arrested shortly after the two boys, aged one and three, were released before 1.30pm.

An argument over a dirty house is believed to be behind the siege in Newcomb.

Gibbs St was in lockdown as police and specialised forces negotiated with the man, who was in a front bedroom with the boys.

No one was injured during the incident, which began at 11pm on Saturday.

Corio Sergeant Dan Willsmore said the siege was the result of a domestic dispute and police had stayed in contact with him and family members.

The man’s shaken mother, Shirley Miller, told the Herald Sun she had spoken to her son several times this morning, with a dirty house believed to be the cause of a row with his pregnant wife.

“He’s working long hours and is very tired and overworked, he just got home and found the house dirty, and the kids were a bit dirty, it was just a minor domestic” Mrs Miller said.

“It was a small row which just escalated.”

Mrs Miller said her son was “very tired and very frightened” and just wanted to speak to his wife.

Armed special forces officers could be seen milling in the front garden while neighbours were told to stay inside their homes.

The man previously posted on a Facebook group saying he was “under siege”, “armed and ready to die”.

A police spokeswoman said earlier the man was refusing to leave the property and believed to be unarmed.

22 thoughts on “More excuses for male violence

  1. If he thought the house was dirty, why didn’t he clean it? He lives there too, doesn’t he? Where is it written that women have to clean the house? I don’t recall marriage vows saying, “To love, honor, and clean the house.” I’ve seen judges rule accordingly. If he lives in the house, he is just as responsible for its upkeep and cleaning as she is.

    Some years back, I heard rumor that Spain passed a law which said men must do half the housework. It’s pretty bad when laws have to be passed to make men do their fair share. Wonder if it’s true?

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    • Even if the woman works full time, or the same hours, she still ends up doing the lion’s share of it.

      But that be patriarchy for you, promising dudes a live-in maid and prostitute, and they get mad if the woman does not realise her ‘duties’.

      Also, I doubt whether this particular dude will get much of a sentencing, probably just a good behaviour bond. He has already shown signs of being a high level offender, and potentially lethal (to her or the kids, or both) down the track. No one is likely to tell her that, straight up, either. A lamb to the future slaughter, unfortunately.

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    • I think you are forgetting that this man is an apparent empathy free zone. Clearly he does not recognise how much work 2 small children are, and how exhausted you often feel when pregnant. He expects her to run around after the children all day, AND clean the house, and presumably have his dinner on the table too – because HE has been at work all day!

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  2. Here in the UK men have murdered female partners because according to the male perpetrators: ‘she nagged me;’ ‘she didn;’t have my tea on the table when I came home;’ and even ‘the she didn’t have my shirt ironed before I got home!’ Men of all ages/classes/ethnicities routinely excuse/justify their male pseudo sex right to inflict violence on women and children. Men in their 70s have murdered their so-called ‘female sexual property’ as have men in their 20s;30s; 40s etc. Common denominator is being male.

    All are flimsy male excuses/justifications for males to subject their female sexual property to violence and all too often lethal male violence. Yet these male lies are commonly accepted as ‘mens’ truths’ when and if the male perpetrator is charged and the court accepts his lies as ‘truths’ because women as usual are to blame for provoking men into committing violence against them.

    Male perpetrator wasn’t ‘frightened or scared’ – rather he was very much the one controlling the situation and police were his ‘minions.’ Women-hating male wasn’t too frightened not to activate internet and send vile lying messages to his undoubtedly male bros keeping them informed of his activities. The boys would be high fiving each other because this is how men are supposed to keep their female sexual property ‘in line!’

    I suspect reason why this arrogant egotistical male became enraged was because he was not ‘centre of attention.’ Despite the fact there are two very young children in the house for which he is responsible, he believes his female sexual property must cater to his every whim and she must on no account focus on the children. Children exist to be mens’ property not as individuals with their own needs. Furthermore this arrogant misogynistic male has impregnated the wife with another child! What will happen once this child is born and the mother focuses on the child not the arrogant male!

    Nothing excuses this women-hating male’s actions because he made the choice and enacted his agency to threaten to murder his wife’s children. Male isn’t a father he is just another violent very dangerous man, who will undoubtedly murder the woman and her children sooner or later.

    Then the male supremacist police and other male supremacist agencies will claim ‘wah we didn’t see it coming! We aren’t responsible – it was another tragedy’ – all common mens’ lies because they don’t want to get involved and hold men and their pandemic (and all too frequently lethal) male violence against women to account.

    Male in my view isn’t a manbaby – rather he is another women-hating male who believes once he has ensnared a ‘female body’ then she will cater to his every needs and if magically (sic) she has children then they too will be silent and dutiful to the male patriarch who owns and controls his ‘little castle!’

    So violent and controlling male just wants to ‘talk to his wife’ which no doubt he will and the woman will not be consulted because what men demand they get – especially when they demand access to their female sexual property. This male will either be ‘apologetic and excuse/justify his violence to the wife’ and then when he decides he will inflict violence upon her for shaming him in public. Or he will immediately blame her for his choice and agency to subject her and her children to male violence/threats of male violence. Either way – the woman is to blame not the poor ‘hard-working father!’ So it continues mens’ lies are endlessly repeated and because men are male their lies and rampant women-hating beliefs are accepted as definitive truths.

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  3. Malestream Media already to the rescue: ” No one was injured during the incident, which began at 11pm on Saturday.”

    No one was injured.

    Two toddlers terrified, emotionally scarred, physically restrained.

    One woman verbally assaulted, emotionally abused, psychologically traumatized.

    That is not “no injury”.

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    • Firstly the alleged female perpetrator was a child who was eight years old and the female victim was between three and four years of age. So therefore alleged female perpetrator was not an adult woman.

      Feminist research has proved that often in cases such as these the female/male child perpetrator is imitating sexual violence which was inflicted on them by a male (it is overwhelmingly males not females despite mens’ lies). So first question is was the female alleged perpetrator a victim of male sexual violence too?

      The female perpetrator’s actions are those of learned behaviour because children do not commonly engage in ‘sexually coercive behaviour.’ Children of either sex who ‘act out sexual acts’ are often signs of systemic male sexual violence inflicted on them and yet mens’ male supremacist system blames the female child and claims ‘see told you female children are sexually voracious which is why innocent adult men must be protected from these female child monsters!’

      Secondly, Radical Feminists have never ever made the false claim ‘women are not sexual predators’ however we have always said it is overwhelmingly men and boys who are the ones sexually preying on women and girls. There is no symmetry between male on female sexual violence and female on male sexual violence.

      Thirdly if so many women are sexual predators why given it is still women who are the ones responsible for childcare and everyday interaction with their child/children do not routinely sexually prey on their child/children. There are far more opportunities for mothers to sexually on their children but it is overwhelmingly fathers/step fathers/brothers/uncles/grandfathers/male friends/male neighbours not women!

      So yes there are a tiny, tiny minority of women who will sexually prey on female/male children but that is not the same as pandemic male sexual predation upon women and children. Adult women do not commonly sexually prey on adult men. However adult men can and do sexually prey on boy children and adult men.

      Malestream media always sensationalises the rare cases of female sexual predation because this supposedly proves there are thousands and thousands of women and female children sexually preying on ‘innocent males.’ Malestream media rarely reports mundane (sic) cases of males sexually preying on women and girls and if this happens the sex of the predator is commonly hidden and the focus is on blaming the female victim(s).

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      • I also think some women that are written on the books are committers of sexual violence were actually under duress such as that woman who cut off her male partner’s penis and threw it in a garbage dispenser. It seems extremely likely she was making a statement of resistance against the sexual violence he was likely committing against her. I think that there is a RF argument to be made in the context of patriarchy and mandatory PIV, all sexual assault committed by women against men can be seen as resistance and the woman on woman as patriarchal colonization and therefore men’s fault.

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      • Agreed Hecuba. Yes, the young childhood sexual aggression (particularly of females) is most often a sign of the child-perp being a victim of CSA. With male children, it can also be exposure to pornography (which would be a form of mental child abuse).

        What I have noted, with most (adult) female ‘sex offenders’, the ones who get caught up with teenaged boys, it is usually a case of infatuation with ONE victim, and the female perp is usually emotionally immature. I have yet to see a string of teenaged male victims by the one woman (sure, it may have happened, but so rare it is significantly insignificant compared to adult male predators and teen/younger female victims).

        A significant percentage of ‘female sex offenders’ become registered by association with a male perpetrator, and she is the partner or romantically involved with him.

        Even with all of that… the ‘female sexual predators’ still make up less than 2% of sex offenders in prison. 98% male sex offenders is the greater problem (particularly with a series of victims).

        Agreed Hecuba, any crimes that women do actually commit are given huge media coverage, but many sex crimes by males regarded as too mundane, or maybe too plentiful, to bother reporting upon.

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    • They are so adamant that “equality” is what we want, and that it means women being just like men. This is why are so excited to show any examples of women being as disgusting and debased as men are. They are all “see, women can rape too! We ARE just like men!”. It’s a perverse argument that serves to brings us down to their low level. Lib fems worship men and are so male identified that emulating men, even in the most depraved ways, is a sign of advancement. This is why equality is bullshit to me- who want to be the equal to modern men? No thanks. They should “level up” and be equal to US.


  4. Agree Black Metal Valkyrie – especially in respect of the woman who cut off her violent male partner’s penis. It was self-defence because the male had perpetrated violence against her.

    On re-reading my previous post it might appear I was being ‘abrasive’ – I wasn’t so apologies if post comes across as being that.

    I believe there is an argument made by some Radical Feminist researchers that reason why some women sexually prey on their male child, is because the child is powerless – he is not an adult male and the woman doesn’t have the power to attack the adult male and perhaps it is a way of retaliating against the male sexual violence she suffered from an adult male. So she attacks a male child because he doesn’t have the structural power an adult male has.

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  6. I was once pregnant and had a small child and I was exhausted enough without having another child AND a manbaby to clean up after (and probably buy all his food and cook it too). If this hadn’t had such serious implications it would just sound like the biggest tantrum ever, but obviously it is much worse than that. And everyone will make excuses for him because apparently holding your family hostage is quite normal if you come home tired from work and there is a mess at home.

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  7. This is so common it’s ridiculous.

    A few months ago, I was viciously attacked, and me and the (our) kids were threatened with murder for- get this- daring to say no more PIV unless he bothered to get me off first. (I went celibate after this.)

    Another time (3 days ago actually), I asked him to eat in the other room, and he said for me to go outside instead. When I couldn’t go out, because (and I quote) “I’m making YOUR dinner!”, he flipped.

    Now he is in jail and will be there for awhile, even though it’s the first time he’s ever been arrested for anything. I’m surprised by the police response and their willingness to press charges with or without me. Oh, and he is an average white guy, so this is all the more surprising.

    But the ONE thing that keeps women with dangerous men is $. And that’s intentional. If I could tell every woman to never have PIV or live with a man I would. I learned too late. Though I’m happy to say I will NEVER have to be w or sleep with, a man again (excepting rape of course).

    The excuses are so ridiculous. Thankfully his mom, and everyone I know, is on MY side not his- a small miracle.


  8. Let me also say that men could never in a million years deal with what women go through on a daily basis. A long workday and a dirty house causes a freaking standoff w cops- with his sons, that he presumably loves because they are boys- there?
    Men kill over rejection from women they don’t know, and all manner of minor shit. They act like women, who most often either work as a 24/7 house slave, sex toy, and free childcare, or at a demanding, often pink collar, poverty wage job, have it oh so easy (since moat western women fit these categories). Men work! So appreciate it woman and get to serving your master (even if you would change places gladly).

    I sure wish they could be harassed, beat, used as slaves, and all the things women deal with. But they would probably nuke the world, so maybe not…..
    Over reacting freaking babies.


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