Are we at crisis yet?

Sunday, 6th September, 2015 — Kedron, Gold Coast QLD

Around 8am, 6-year-old Sydney* Playford was found dead in her bed at home, by her mother, Maria, 36, and Sydney was unresponsive to efforts to revive her. It is believed that Sydney died several hours earlier, probably around 5am, the time that Sydney’s father, Stephen Philip Playford, 52, an oil industry executive, left the family home in his Mercedes 4WD. Playford was found several hours later, taken to hospital (not specified why), taken into custody, and charged with Sydney’s murder either Sunday evening or Monday (varying reports). There were no obvious signs of cause of death, so the assumption would be possible suffocation, but police have not released any details. In a shocking development on Monday evening, police charged Playford with the attempted murder of Sydney’s 8-year-old sister, the sisters shared a bedroom. Playford has been remanded in custody, and did not appear at the first court session on Tuesday. His next court appearance will be on the 28th September (although lawyers have indicated a videolink appearance). It is believed that Playford will apply for bail at the next court date (an application unlikely to meet with success, in my opinion).

Sydney was a well liked, lively six year old girl, who will be sadly missed by her mother, sister, and many friends. Her local Jiu-jitsu club have named an award after Sydney. My condolences to all affected by Sydney’s passing, which came exactly one week after Father’s Day in Australia. Sydney’s mother, Maria, does not have any family in Australia, and it comforting to know the local community are supporting her and her surviving daughter.

*The spelling of Sydney was given as Sidney in a later report.


Tuesday, 8th September, 2015, shortly before 8.45am — Molendinar, Gold Coast, QLD

Shortly before 8.45 am on Tuesday, 24-year-old Tara Brown dropped her 3-year-old daughter off at a Nerang child minding centre, and was ambushed by her recently former partner, Lionel Patea, also 24. a car chase ensued, resulting in Ms Brown’s vehicle running off the road, down an embankment, crashing into a house and leaving the vehicle on its side. While still trapped in the vehicle, her recently estranged partner (I will drop ‘allegedly’, witnesses saw him do all this) ran down the embankment, and repeatedly struck Ms Brown, still trapped in the vehicle, with an object (variously reported as a brick, a lump of metal or a rock), about the head and face, until she was “unrecognisable”. Ms Brown was taken by ambulance to hospital, where medical staff assessed she was unlikely to survive her injuries. In the meantime, Patea was charged with attempted murder, driving offences, and breaching orders. Just last Thursday, Ms Brown had gone to a police station to report her fears, and text messages that Patea had sent her, but she was only issued with a temporary DVO. Local police had clearly missed an opportunity to do more to protect the victim, a police investigation is underway.

On Wednesday evening, Ms Brown’s life support was turned off, and she died shortly afterwards. Charges against Patea were then upgraded to murder.

Patea had fled the scene shortly afterwards, stealing another vehicle. He turned himself into police some hours later, presenting with what police report as allegedly self-inflicted stab wounds to the neck and chest. Patea had a previous history of violence, with biker gang-related charges. Far too much media attention focused on Patea’s biker connections, when in reality, even more ‘non-bikers’ and ‘regular Joes’ have committed similar and just as horrific violence against women and children, this week, this year.

Ms Brown and Patea had been romantically involved since high school, both were from New Zealand. Jessica Palmer, aunt to Ms Brown’s daughter, Aria, and sister of the accused, has vowed to take care of Aria, with many thousands of dollars already raised. Condolences to Ms Brown’s family and friends left behind.


Tuesday, 8th September, 2015, 11pm — Lalor Park, Sydney, NSW

Police were called around 11pm to the address in Lalor Park. Upon arrival they found the body of a 63-year-old grandmother (unnamed) in her front yard, and the body of a 7-year-old boy, her grandson (unnamed) in a neighbour’s yard, both deceased from stab wounds and other injuries. Nearby, police disarmed a 35-year-old man, armed with a knife, the son of the deceased woman, and uncle of the deceased child. He was quickly charged with two counts of murder, and assault of police. The arrested man has also not been named, which may indicate the family are of First Australian (Aboriginal) origins. Early reports indicated that the drug ICE, was common in the neighbourhood, and that this was an ICE-related double homicide. Horrifically, the boy’s two sisters and a female cousin, were reported to have witnessed the attacks. My condolences to the children, family, and others affected by this horrific double homicide, may sorry business pass gently.


Thursday, 10th September, 2015, 7.30am — Wacol, SW of Brisbane, QLD

In an attack eerily similar to that of Tara Brown just less than 48 hours earlier, an unnamed woman, 44, was run off the road by her estranged partner and attacked by a machete. Luckily this woman did escape with non-life-threatening injuries to her head and neck and has survived this attack, thanks to a number of residents of the street intervening in the attack. The woman, from Somalia with three children, moved to Australia as refugees five years ago. She had recently separated from the alleged perpetrator, aged 51. The perpetrator has been charged with “one count each of attempted murder, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, going armed so as to cause fear and common assault”.

Although this dramatic and public attack of a woman made the news, primarily in part because of the similarity to Tara Brown’s murder, and in part because of the very public nature—many other women over Australia would have been injured to varying degrees, from minor to seriously, within the same period.


Thursday, 10th September, 2015, 9.15am — Helensvale McDonald’s, Gold Coast, QLD

Karina Lock, aged 49, agreed to meet her former partner at the Helensvale McDonald’s, despite the history of domestic violence. Ms Lock had just moved to the area one month ago, after separating from husband, Stephen Lock, aged 57.

The meeting was clearly a ruse set up with intent to harm her by the perpetrator. The usual ruses being “we need to work things out” or “I am sorry” or the ruse of visitation with the children. Whatever the ruse was, we are unlikely to know—but it is important for all women in such situations to know these common ruses by DV perpetrators.

Very quickly, the meeting had become frightening for Ms Lock, who, after meeting the perpetrator in the car park, ran into the McDonald’s, screaming something along the lines of “he’s going to kill me”. Less than a minute later, he entered the restaurant, grabbed her and shot her twice, before shooting himself, in front of stunned onlookers. His staging of kneeling over her, before shooting himself and falling upon her, all deliberate, all a sign of domination over her.

Ms Lock died shortly afterwards. Lock himself was taken to hospital with life-threatening (self-inflicted) injuries and not expected to survive. He died on Friday.

Ms Lock was the mother of four, and had custody of (presumably the youngest), a teenaged daughter, with whom she had moved after the separation. My condolences to Ms Lock’s family and friends.


That was this week in Australia, primarily Queensland, from Sunday to Thursday. Less than one week, in a population of around 25 million, far less than the UK, far, far less than the US. To be fair, last week was ‘quiet’ on the DV homicide front, but this week has more than made up for that.

In the last five days, a 6yo girl, 24yo woman, 63yo woman, 7yo boy, and 49yo woman are all murdered. One woman, lucky to be alive.

In Australia, this year is shaping up to around two-thirds of women murdered, were murdered by current or former male partners (current partners being around 50%). Most of the 62 women killed so far this year have been killed by someone they knew, most in DV circumstances. We still are not even up to counting women’s suicides due to being victims of domestic violence, and highly suspicious deaths ruled as suicides. The death toll is, in reality, far higher than the 62, which in itself, is far too high.

What about the men? During the same period (since 01 Jan 2015), I know of only seven males killed in domestic violence incidents. All seven, killed by other males. (January, QLD) woman and her new partner killed by her former partner. (March, QLD) man shot by son, his male friend also injured. (April, QLD) man stabbed to death by his partner’s former male parter. (June, NSW) a woman, and the father & son helping her, killed by her boyfriend of only a few months. (July, SA) male sporting person killed by son. (August, NSW) man killed by male flatmate. Thus far, in 2015, no adult males have been killed by females or female partners. Adult males make the minority of DV homicides, and the majority are still killed by other males. Women make the majority of victims. Domestic violence homicides have a distinct, and unarguable pattern. It is primarily a male against female crime, and it is about time something was done to stop it.

Channel 10’s The Project had an excellent report, following this week’s horrendous DV death toll. Of particular merit was the discussion that, yes educational and perpetrator programmes play their part in the future, but so much more is urgently needed to save the current victims right now:


What is our government, our male “Minister for Women” doing about all this? I am told they were this week debating digital television, possibly for watching football and other sporting events. Clearly their priorities are male interests, and no interest in women, and children, dying at the hands of men they know.

Yes, we have a “terroist threat” going on in Australia, but it is not from Islamic State. It is from Aussie Dude. And the targets are Australian women and children. It is about time the Australian Government dealt with the REAL terrorist threat in this country, and zip it, with the lip service. No more Royal Commissions or Task Forces, feminists have been telling you for decades what the problem is (male entitlement, male domination, female subordination and gender roles) and how to fix it (funding to women’s services, police and court training programmes, education programmes, perp programmes, and most importantly, and end to male domination).

The governments, state and federal, have no more excuses to continue to let this happen. The death toll is now on you. Stop fobbing it off on vague ‘community problems’ (to which there is zero funding, utter lip service).

In the last few years, other crimes have gone down. Domestic violence and sexual assaults (again, primarily female victims) have been on the rise. This country clearly hates women.

9 thoughts on “Are we at crisis yet?

  1. So a post-script.

    Wednesday, 9th September, 2015, 11pm — Gold Coast, QLD.

    Gold Coast woman shot in buttocks takes taxi to hospital

    A 27-year-old woman has taken a taxi to hospital after being shot in the buttocks on the Gold Coast.

    A taxi dropped the woman off at Gold Coast Hospital at 10pm on Wednesday night after she sustained the non-life threatening injury, police say.

    The woman is yet to tell police the whole story and investigations are ongoing.

    Clearly Channel 9 find it hilarious that this woman was shot in the buttocks, AND took a taxi to hospital. Guess what Channel 9, that is exactly the sort of attitude we are trying to eliminate, in the fight against violence against women. Shame on you Channel 9.

    The the screencap of the Brisbane Times that went viral. Most of it violence or sexual assault against women. Some of the public are waking up.

    Then, a (female) magistrate that went lenient on a repeat violent offender. While I try to give her huge leeway on being lenient on indigenous offenders, it is likely that the victim was also indigenous—and victims trump offenders in my book, and should also trump in magistrate sentencing. Clearly magistrates’ understanding on domestic violence, and violent offences in general, needs serious addressing. This again, is part of the problem.

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    • No signs of slowing down, my post was premature (so much so, I may have to re-write it)

      Friday, 11th September, 2015, 5am — Bendigo, Victoria

      Young children witness stabbing attack of Victorian mother

      A manhunt is underway after a mother was critically injured during a stabbing attack in her home near Bendigo, in central Victoria.

      Neighbours told 9NEWS the victim’s young children were inside the house at the time, and witnessed part of the stabbing just after 5am.

      Young mother Becky Mulcahy suffered life-threatening stab wounds to her upper body, and ran next door with her children to find help.

      A neighbour called triple zero, and the 30-year-old was taken to hospital in Melbourne by helicopter.

      9NEWS understands her partner Leigh, a local mechanic, has previously lived with them at their California Gully home.

      Police said there was no suggestion it was a domestic violence-related attack.

      Forensic officers scoured the home and front yard for evidence.

      The SES searched nearby bushland for the weapon used, however it is still not yet known.

      Police said the incident was not a random attack and are appealing for anyone with information to come forward.

      Recent partner separation. Why on earth are the police saying “no suggestion it was a domestic violence-related attack”, then in the next breath, “not a random incident”, and it sounds like the former partner is the suspect.

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  2. A very measured and detailed report of just one week’s news reports concerning mens’ (obviously) inalienable male sex right to perpetrate lethal male violence against women and children because they were property of male perpetrators.

    Crisis what crisis? Male Prime Minister Tony Abbott was as usual busily engaged in furthering male corporate business interests; hence he is too busy to even acknowledge male terrorists are continuing to perpetrate male violence and all too commonly lethal male violence against women and their children/child relatives.

    The only crisis men recognise is when it directly affects them – which is why men will as usual cry ‘wah what about the men who are subjected to female violence?’ My response is ‘read this detailed article boys and you will see it is males who are the perpetrators not women and girls.’

    But back to the pressing issue – which is ‘crisis what crisis?’ I mean of course, the crisis concerning pandemic (sic) international terrorism which severely curtails male sex right of freedom of movement! Now that is the real crisis not innumerable and apparently ‘isolated incidents of family tragedies’ which is male speak for justifying and maintaining male sex right to punish and all too commonly murder women and children, because the women-hating males believe women and children only exist to be mens’ sex slaves/servants. This is normal and acceptable male behaviour which is upheld and maintained by mens’ Male Supremacist System – including their male legal system.

    But never mind the boys in political power continue to proclaim ‘community problems must be addressed’- which means what exactly??? Malespeak meaning males must never ever be publicly held responsible because that would upset innumerable males and ‘not all men are like that dogma.’ Focus isn’t on the tiny number of males who do not oppress women and children because male oppression over women and children has never needed all males to enact their male power. All that is required is for men to cling on tightly to their political; economic; social power and ensure only a few token women are accorded a little seat at mens’ power table because this does not curb or eliminate male dominance over any woman.

    Fact – men hate women and their children and men continue to deny this fact. Fact – men continue to murder women and their children with impunity. Fact – the boys in political power continue to ignore crisis of pandemic lethal male hatred for women and their children/child relatives. Fact – men in political power will continue to focus on male rights and male issues such as furthering male owned corporate business interests because only males are human. Men hate women full stop!

    This is why we women must continue to denounce male violence against women and girls and name men as the perpetrators because naming men as the perpetrators is not what men want to hear. But remember perpetrator programmes; court training; educational programmes do not affect one iota male pseudo sex right to oppress and inflict male violence on women and their children. A radical systemic change in eliminating systemic male collective/individual power over all women and children is needed and this means men having their power taken away from them. But that would mean ending our current Male supremacist System and mens’ institutions and structures which maintain; justify and excuse male sex right to view/treat women and their children as mens’ private sex slaves!

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  3. Crisis what crisis??? Male violence against women has become an epidemic and Feminists are finding it difficult keeping up to date with mens’ never-ending violence being committed against women. Meanwhile back at the mens’ ranches – it remains business as usual with malestream media trivialising fact someone (and women are not the ones commonly engaged in shooting other women or even men) enacted their choice and agency by attempting to murder a woman, which resulted in her being shot in her buttocks. Oh yes this is so funny and humorous according to the male controlled news channel 9. I doubt channel 9 would have claimed said incident was ‘funny’ if victim had been a male!

    So police fail to notice they are contradicting themselves by claiming individual(s) who attempted to murder a woman was not ‘intimate male terrorism committed against this woman’ (my translation of malespeak police language) but that incident was also not ‘a random attack!’ Which is it boys or are you attempting to fool us women again because you believe we too stupid to immediately recognise male controlled police force doesn’t want focus to be on obvious deduction which is the perpetrator knew the woman he decided to attempt to murder.

    Note I used the word ‘he’ because according to mens’ malespeak language ‘he/him’ is the default neutral term when referring to generic individuals who are all presumed to be males, because women are always ‘othered!’ This is why ‘mankind’ is commonly stated in place of humankind because mankind gives birth apparently!

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    • I am still following the Bendigo stabbing. The same conflicting information continues:

      A Victoria Police spokeswoman said Bendigo detectives did not believe it was a domestic incident , although the victim was believed to have been known to her attacker.

      The typical media/police ‘code’ for DV without mentioning DV is “the victim and perpetrator were known to each other”. They do this all the time. But they are insisting “it is not a DV”. So the only other theory I can grasp at is drugs—but, they very quickly mention any drug connection, because the public is fairly gullible and ‘drugs cause all the bads’ (not males apparently). They have not mentioned drug connection at all. It is unlikely to be a break-in (overkill). The only only thing I can think of is a sexual assault or attempted sexual assault by the male she knew (friends with), because it was around 5am, and male “friends” can do that shit, pounce on you without any prior indication.

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  4. Postscript: ABC News as usual fails to see the ‘proverbial male elephants in the room!’ Sex of all those ‘family members who have allegedly committed violence against women are males not ‘family members’ and one male is not ‘an ex-bikie because term merely describes male’s previous interest. He is another mundane male who hates women and enacted his male pseudo sex right to subject a woman to male violence!

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