The R-word, free and easy in the media when males are victims

Notice how free and easy the R-word (rape) is used in the media when males are the victims.

This was actually a sexual assault, as most definitions of rape are penetration by penis, a specific crime, due to the added female vulnerability of impregnation. Penetration by other objects is normally regarded/charged as ‘sexual assault’.

But when the victim is male, and penetrated against his will with an object (by his ‘friends’ no less!), the headlines scream RAPE!

Compare the media treatment in the majority of cases when a female is the victim. Copious numbers of “alleged”, but used in a way to cast doubt on her account of events. Rarely is the R-word used, instead we are ‘treated’ with euphemisms like “rough sex” and “non-consensual sex”, all designed to give the public the impression that things ‘just got a little out of hand’ or ‘she regretted consensual sex’.

Even video’d evidence of the rape is treated with suspicion, she “may have liked it” or “instigated it” or “changed her mind”. Not so in this case—the video’d evidence is regarded as irrefutable that a crime was committed. When video evidence presented when a female is raped is viewed with no such commitment of a crime having been committed.

Even the rape of underaged girls is frequently treated in this way, when it is a clear case of, at bare minimum, statutory rape.

Because in this society, it is viewed as ‘natural’ that females are to be penetrated by a penis (and not so, with males). Add to that, that the word of a woman is almost always viewed with some suspicion; that she “might be lying to get back at a man, so cries rape!”

The rape of females (and children) is the most under-reported crime there is, followed closely by domestic violence. In both cases, these crimes are committed overwhelmingly by Joe Average. Well, everyone from Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Bill Cosby, to Mr Joe Average. And most times these men get off, even on the rare chance they see the inside of a courtroom.

It is time for the double-standard to end. All victims of rape and sexual assault need to be believed, no matter who they are, and no matter who the accused are. And not just the male victims. All victims. Including women and children.

And media—stop using the euphemisms, you are clearly part of the problem.


Graphic from here.

12 thoughts on “The R-word, free and easy in the media when males are victims

  1. Indeed why should we believe this male was a victim of male sexual violence given we do not know if he ‘provoked his male assailants/ didn’t say no loud enough/didn’t fight back and/or was wearing provocative clothing!’

    Furthermore this is merely an allegation not proof male was ‘raped’ or rather subjected to male sexual assault. Remember all male sexual predators are innocent until a jury has decided they are guilty! Then there is that little issue (sic) that males commonly lie because they are taking revenge against an innocent male/males. It is common knowledge men commonly lie and their credibility rests solely on whether or not they are ‘sexually pure’ because males who are sexually active are obviously ‘not credible witnesses to their alleged male sexual assault.’

    Video recorded film does not prove this male was a victim of male sexual violence, because film could have been edited/the section where male consented could perhaps have not been recorded or this film is a fake one!

    But the most pressing question malestream media commonly does not ask or even indirectly imply is ‘what was this male doing to allow himself to be subjected to male sexual assault? Why don’t male victim(s) ensure their safety and security by not consorting with other males? It is always the male victim’s(s) responsibility to ensure he is not sexually victimised by other males. Yet these questions are never raised by malestream media because male sexual autonomy is sacrosanct and males have the innate right of not being routinely sexually preyed on by other males.

    Note all of the above is commonly asked by malestream media and men whenever a male/males enacts their choice and agency to sexually prey on women and girls. Likewise all women and girls are viewed by mens’ legal system and mens’ police forces as ‘innate liars who commonly charge innocent males with rape/male sexual violence!’

    In an ideal world all female and male victims of male sexual violence would be believed and the alleged male perpetrators would be thoroughly investigated, irrespective of alleged male sexual predator’s social status; ‘public character; age etc.’ But we women do not live in that ideal world because we live in a world wherein only males are routinely (sic) subjected to male sexual violence and these isolated and rare incidents are treated by mens’ malestream media as ‘horrific and terrible because the victims’ sex is male!’

    Female victims of male sexual violence however are routinely dismissed as ‘liars’ by mens’ malestream media and mens’ police forces because we females only exist to be males’ disposable/interchangeable sexual service stations! Sexual autonomy and ownership of one’s body are for males only – long live Male Supremacist System!

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    • Ah, you have also listed just about every other excuse not to believe, or to blame women for the assaults/rapes they experience!

      Yeah, clearly, he should not have been out drinking with friends, celebrating “Australia Day” (which I hate anyway, but for colonialist reasons). It was remiss of him not to know so many rapes happen out drinking with friends.

      I suspect he is not friends with them any more (the sane solution). But women are just seen as ‘bitchy and vindictive’ doing the same.

      Ironically, the pressure to be ‘friends’ with males who cross boundaries or rape, is so mandated by this society, that ‘de-friending’ males who rape/sexually assault, is seen as almost a crime within itself.

      If that is deemed a crime, then I too, am guilty. (As are they)

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      • I am certain this male victim will in future be very suspicious of other males and he will not be deemed to be ‘vindictive or man-hating’ because of his his tory of male victimisation. However as you rightly say, Davina, we women are mandated by the menz to always assume males are trustworthy, solely because their sex is male! We women are deemed to be ‘man-haters’ when we rightly view males as potential male sexual predators.

        I continue to wait in vain for the great and good male inventors to create their magic crystal ball which will alert women and girls to potential male sexual predators!

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  2. PS Just noticed male victim had been consuming alcohol and ‘had passed out’ due to excessive consumption of said alcohol! Clearly this male put himself in danger by consuming alcohol since ‘consumption of alcohol causes males to sexually prey on other males!’

    There must be an immediate public central Government initiated health campaign
    telling males not to consume alcohol because said consumption puts them at high risk of being raped/sexually assaulted by unknown entities!

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  4. See, I rest my fucking case with this.
    Headline: “13 men charged in Woodbury sex-with-minors sting”

    sex with minors = automatic statuatory rape

    The only difference is, these were cops posing as underaged teenaged girls. Even with fabricated teen girls, this is framed as ‘sex’, not rape.

    If it was a teen boy sting, the headline would read “13 men charged with Woodbury pedophile sting”. No ‘minors’, this would automatically be a clear cut crime. Not ‘sex’.

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  5. UK’s Independent today (10th October 2015) reports that a male (allegedly) woke up on Brighton beach to find himself ‘being raped by another male.’ Note malestream newspaper did not state ‘male alleges he was raped’ but instead presumption is this male was telling the truth.

    Note too this male had been engaged in ‘clubbing’ prior to his waking up on Brighton Beach and one wonders what he was doing on Brighton beach and why he was unconscious. Had he consumed alcohol and hence was drunk which is why he collapsed on beach unconscious? So many questions not raised by this malestream newspaper and naturally male police officer states “This was an extremely distressing incident for this man who was in a vulnerable state.” Did male intentionally put himself ‘at risk of being sexually preyed on by another male because he consumed alcohol which made him temporarily ‘vulnerable?’

    Female victims who wake up to discover a male sexual predator(s) raping them are rarely accorded the same dignity and respect by malestream media and male police officers. Male sexual violence allegedly perpetrated against other males is ‘a violation of male victim’s bodily autonomy’ whereas female victims are to blame for causing males to sexually prey on them!

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  6. I’ve been thinking about this recently, and you, Davina, and Hecuba are killing it with these posts.
    I ran across a video earlier this year or late last year of Corey Feldman pretty much calling out Hollywood as a playground for pedophiles. No one questions him. Everyone in the news and comment section immediately believes he was abused along with his friend Corey Haim. Now, he made this claim some time back in 2012 with no real evidence and is still believed.

    Fast Forward to 2015 where countless of women report that they have been raped by Bill Cosby over the course of his career, and somehow ALL THESE WOMEN ARE LYING WHORES! Not some, but ALL.


    Sheesh, talk about bros before hoes mentality. I find it amazing that what Corey Feldman was saying doesn’t get him labeled as “just doing it for money and attention” like all women who claimed to have been raped and abused by men.

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  7. Superb. Especially Hecuba’s role reversal thing, that was great. I have a more bland comment, in the news when it’s rape or sexual harassment of women it is ALWAYS “woman claims…”. The correct term is REPORTS. These journalists are supposed to be fucking writers? ‘Reports’ is neutral. ‘Claims’ is not friggin neutral.

    I did not know about the Corey Feldman thing. Good point. Today on the TV news in Canada there was a great story, probably from one of the US networks, with all the women Cosby raped sitting there and talking about it. One of them said when he raped her the whole concept of date rape and drugging people was completely unknown. I remember that time.

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