GUEST POST: Spiritual Male Violence Against Women

A guest post by Elaine Charkowski, permission granted.

Spiritual Male Violence Against Women

Simone de Beauvoir said, “Man enjoys the great advantage of having a god endorse the code he writes . . . fear of God will keep women in their place.”

Women are so MAGNIFICENT, that even after 6,000 years of horrific abuse, men are still unable to conquer all of us. So, men had to create spiritual backup. Using their invented gods like ventriloquist’s dummies, men granted themselves power over women. “God’s” words are men’s words. This means men have declared themselves to be the gods of women.

Male supremacist religions claim “god” gave men the eternal right to control women. Men coerce women to have children by telling women birth control or abortion is “sinful” and that “children are sent from god” etc. This is what caused overpopulation. Which is great for the male dominated global economy which must endlessly grow and require an increasing supply of worker/soldier/consumer/breeder units. The uterus must be kept in industrialized maximum re PRODUCTION.

Men wrote ALL the scriptures of all the organized religions,(organized for MEN) so “god’s” agenda is men’s agenda. Since the “words of god” are actually the “words of men, men don’t “play god” they virtually ARE “god,” as illustrated by the following examples of male authored scripture:

“Wives, submit yourselves unto your husbands, for the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church.”— Ephesians 5:23-24.

“I thank thee O lord, that thou has not created me a heathen, a slave, or a woman.” – Orthodox Jewish prayer.

“God formed her body to belong to a man, to have and to rear children. Let them bear children till they die of it.”— Martin Luther.

“In pain shall you bear children, yet your urge will be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.”— Genesis 3:16.

“Your women are fields to cultivate, so go to your fields as you will!” –Koran 2:223.

Barbara G. Walker author of “The Crone-Women of Age, Wisdom and Power” said “Women who deny the male god and reject his demands for obedience, praise, service and money automatically free themselves from a potent psychological trap men set for them! Without god ordering them to obey abusive husbands, their shackles turn to sand.” She adds, “If the world’s women reinstated a feminine divinity with Her own authentic theology, life on Earth might be quite different.”

As the result of physical and spiritual MALE colonization, many colonized women see themselves through the eyes of patriarchal men and are thus, INVISIBLE TO THEMSEVES AS WOMEN.

Here’s a passage from Margaret Atwood’s book “The Robber Bride”

Male fantasies, male fantasies, is everything run by male fantasies?
Up on a pedestal or down on your knees,
It’s all a male fantasy: that you’re strong enough to take what they dish out, or else too weak to do anything about it.
Even pretending you aren’t catering to male fantasies is a male fantasy:
Pretending you’re unseen, pretending you have a life of your own,
that you can wash your feet and comb your hair unconscious of the ever-present watcher peering through the keyhole,
Peering through the keyhole in your own head, if nowhere else.
You are a woman with a man inside watching a woman. You are your own voyeur.


3 thoughts on “GUEST POST: Spiritual Male Violence Against Women

  1. Thank you Elaine and yes ‘the male voice in women’s heads’ is always present because whatever men claim or say it is always mens’ definitive truths!

    And men continue to claim they don’t hate women! Actually men don’t hate women because men continue to believe only males are human so therefore males cannot harm us females because men claim we aren’t human – we merely exist to be mens’ disposable slaves/sexual service stations.

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  2. Margaret Atwood is such an under-read author (female & Canadian = invisible) and she’s brilliant. I love that selection you posted. Thank you.

    Regarding the spiritual, I don’t believe replacing a male divinity with a female one solves all problems. Yes, it would take the violence out of the equation (which is good), but leaves the ignorance. I think people cling to the current divinities out of a need for comfort in a violent world that doesn’t make sense. Without male violence, comfort would be found in human connection and intelligence and knowledge-seeking – something we don’t have access to when men control everything. Free of Patriarchal chains, we no longer have to invent gods to explain why our continued slavery is necessary and good.

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  3. Thank you for writing this. Except for the nonsense from Walker about “reinstated a feminine divinity”.

    Women have never been in control since our earliest of civilizations, the “reinstate” part is rubbish, and just playing into creating a narrative that is comforting to think; That, before men destroyed it, god was a woman. Nope. Never happened. Chaos, Gaia, Rhea, Isis, and other ancient female divine beings are all a part of the lineage of the ruling male gods. Unfortunate for us, but I’d rather go with the facts. The more we learn in science and math of the way the universe works on the micro and macro levels, the less need we have to “explain” it through divine intervention.

    Although it seems for every step forward, we’re steeped and pushed-back by anti-science, anti-female views. With the religious conservatives in control, in varying levels and dangerous degrees throughout the world, with entrenched male entitlement granted by the patriarchy, with third-wave feminists embracing porn, transgender anti-biology and anti-women dogma wrapped up as female empowerment, and the HAES fat acceptance/body positive movement, it all gets a bit much sometimes.

    While I’m not, and never could be, a part of the rad-fem community, I appreciate good feminist writing when I read it. So Thank You again, for this post. Insightful and thought-provoking.

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