Most bank robberies are just “post-loan regret”

Time and time again in the news we see reports of bank robberies, how on earth can these be happening so often? Particularly as most banks have their own security guards.

Well in truth, as it turns out, most banks are lying about being robbed, and it is merely another case of consensual post-loan regret.


How do we know that the withdrawal was not consensual?

We look at their past track record, banks have a history of handing out money to people—lots of consensual withdrawals happen every day, and Genuine Bank Robberies are a rare thing.


What were the banks doing and wearing at the time of this alleged robbery?

Loitering on streets, particularly street corners, and wearing a big sign that says “Bank”. What on earth were they thinking, advertising that they were a building with loads of cash in it? Cash in the tills, even more case in the safe. Just like “uncovered meat“, begging for an opportunistic armed robbery.


What about the security footage, doesn’t that prove it was a Genuine Bank Robbery?

Not really, some banks are into “rough transactions”, and it was most likely a consensual transaction that got a little out of hand, and the customer might have just gotten carried away in the moment—at no time on the footage does the bank say “stop this”, which it would, if it was a Genuine Bank Robbery. After all, it is the bank’s word against the alleged robber’s, and the footage clearly shows the bank co-operating with the alleged robber—hardly the actions of a Genuine Victim.


Bank robbery is a serious allegation.

We must be careful not to convict a poor innocent customer and ruin their reputation and label them as a bank robber! We should therefore campaign for anonymity for all customers put on trial for bank robbery, because the customer could be completely innocent, and this could be yet another case of a vindicative bank trying to get revenge on an innocent customer.


How do we know the bank is lying?

Many banks have security guards, so if it was a Genuine Bank Robbery, then the bank has ways to totally shut the whole thing down. After all, it would be irresponsible of them to let themselves get robbed, and they would get a reputation for easy money. Crying “bank robbery” after a transaction is just the bank’s way of protecting their reputation, covering up what really happened, and a big case of post-loan regret.

3 thoughts on “Most bank robberies are just “post-loan regret”

    • Thanks zeph! Have not seen you around for a while.

      The post pretty much wrote itself – take every myth/bullshit about the rape of females and how they are treated and disbelieved, and apply it to the bank robbery scenario. Job done. 🙂

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  1. A brilliant take down of mens’ common lies concerning mens’ individual/collective accountability in respect of pandemic male sexual; physical; psychological; lethal violence against women and girls.

    Taking this a step further obviously all male victims of (male) alleged violence are responsible because these alleged male victims failed to ensure their male safety. Just one recent case concerning a male who alleges he was ‘raped by another male.’ Note when males are victims of other males’ violence sex of perpetrator is usually stated in malestream media.

    Another male alleges he was raped by a known male. Why was this alleged male victim visiting a bar late at night and consuming alcohol? Why did the alleged male victim engage in conversation with the alleged male sexual predator? Why didn’t alleged male victim say ‘no’ and./or resist this alleged male perpetrator?

    Why is this incident traumatic to the alleged male victim given female victims are routinely dismissed by male police officers as liars? So many unanswered questions. Oh and fountain apparently raped this alleged male victim.

    Back to the banks being responsible for causing their own robberies! Yes, yes – banks blatantly publicise the fact they have immense sums of money stored in their buildings so this is like the donkey and carrot – inciting potential (male) bank robbers to rob other mens’ banks!

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