Women’s Police Stations, yes it is a thing (in Argentina)

Latin and South America, not a great place for women. But what a great, and proving successful, initiative they have instigated in Argentina.

Women’s Police Stations. These are staffed 100% by women, the female officers go through the regular and full police training. They only deal with sexual violence against women (DV and rape). They have childcare onsite at these ‘stations’, and the stations are victim-focused, rather than perpetrator-focused.

And the proof of the success? The areas with these women’s police stations have a third to half of the femicide rate (by intimate partners).

They are a one-stop-shop, in touch with all the local and housing support services. As well as running the prosecutions for violence against women.

Would this work in Australia, the UK, or the US? Hell yes!

In the UK and Australia, they do have, at most major stations, dedicated DV officers. It is partially effective, but not uniformly. There are still too many untrained (or more to the point, male-biased officers) going to call-outs. There are various stages of attrition towards prosecution, and this has never been satisfactorily resolved. But the female officers of Argentina, are getting the job done.

Listen to the ABC (Radio National) podcast on this segment. As feminists, we should be promote such initiatives in our own regions.


One thought on “Women’s Police Stations, yes it is a thing (in Argentina)

  1. Wow!! Imagine if the Uk’s fascist government created these specific natal female only police stations!! Why the women hating boys would become hysterical and claim (a) it discriminates against men (because men are victims too!!) (b) This isn’t inclusive of all the fake gender identities currently circulating such as ‘I am unicorn and die in a fire if you dare to challenge me!’

    In other words the women-hating boys would fight tooth and nail to have this revolutionary policy thrown in the trash can even before it was implemented.

    Reality check now – these female only police stations are working and they are reducing pandemic male violence against women and girls. Of course they will never eradicate male violence against women merely by creating female only police stations but this is a major policy and for once women are the focus – not the women-hating boys!

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