Why Radfem Groundhog Day?

Well, rather like the film, feminists of each generation seem to have to re-learn the whole female-oppression thing from the beginning, and unlearn all the brainwashing from the dominant male agenda.

For example, 30 years ago feminists were already concerned about the male-born trans* (M2Ts) taking over in female-only spaces. And here we are again, going over the same ground, as if that never happened. The inspiration for the title of Cathy’s post came from the comment I made when she first linked to that article, as I was already thinking of Groundhog Day for a blog name given the constant re-learning and discovery each generation of feminists seem to do.

Additionally, all the gains that feminsts have made in the past, are constantly being eroded away. Here is a photo found on FaceBook that sums up how I often feel:

Other blog titles contemplated: Same Shit, Different Day – or in keeping with the rodent theme, Hamster Wheel.


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