All men need their whores

Lefty dudes, MOC dudes, disabled dudes (apparently) all need their ‘whores’.

Never mind that it is the exploitation and violation of women’s HUMAN rights, not to have to have dick stuck into them in order to survive. Modern ‘discourse’ indicates that this is all their own free and estatic choice, free of constraints such as abject poverty.

The newer kid on the block, is the ‘poor disabled man’ that needs his rocks off. Can’t be taught to masturbate apparently, he ‘needs’ to stick his cock into a live breathing woman, who forgoes her human rights in an altruistic manner, thereby saving humanity, and poor disabled men from ever knowing how to oppress women as a class. Classy I say!

Or perhaps not.

Most prostituted women, when surveyed, say that they would leave prostitution immediately, if other options were available to them.

Poverty, coercion (aka sex trafficking, overt and covert), discrimination against women generally, all contribute to women being in prostitution. Not ‘choice’. The ‘choosy choice prostitutes’ are the exception, not the rule.

But no matter what brand of Lefty Dude there is, they insist that cock-in-vag-ejaculation is some kind of ‘human right’ (clue, less than half of humans have a cock). Has there ever been a mass call for women’s orgasms? Yeah, I thought not. That’s how we know it is a patriarchy directive.

The lefty dudes are all over it. And I am not just talking the disabled dudes (who seem to be written about in a third-party way). I am talking about the so-called Class Warrior dudes, or the MOC (men of colour) dudes. They want, nay, they NEED to have the ‘right’ to pay a poor woman, with very few options, the massive gift that is their horrid funky dick into their vagina. Way to to go lefty dudes! Your championship is for dudes only! Not for the women of your respective groups, who exist, just for your dickly pleasure!

Frankly, it is a complete and utter loss of your credibility for your cause, if you are willing to throw the women of your race or class, under the Dick Bus. It makes you just as bad as the Rich White Guys that you are fighting against.

Yeah, ponder that.

Ponder that, and still tell me you are willing to throw a whole lot of poor women, without choices, under your Dick Bus. Because I’m not seeing the fuzzy side of this. Maybe explain it to me, but I am yet to receive any kind of decent, logical, humane explanation. Other than Dick Rights. (There is no such thing btw, hate to burst your condom fuzzy-feels on that).

A facebook page I follow, on the horrendous human rights abuse that is the Indue Card, decided that, after some dude put forth that the pay-for-rape of women was ‘a thing’, resulted in me saying, in several comments “no it’s not”. This page is run by Aboriginal admins, as far as I know. Their final response, now also deleted was:

You are entitled to your views on this issue, you are not entitled to impose them. This is NOT an argument we will allow to derail this page’s focus. We hold the view that sexual intimacy is a right of all human beings and what two consenting adults do in privacy is no one business. If you wish to debate the merits and deficits of sex worker/s consent choice or intimacy rights, please head to the appropriate forums to do so. This thread – is closed. – SNS Admins

This was after they let the pro-rape-for-money comments stand, and deleted my comments. Eventually deleting the entire thread.

The ‘argument’ was not whether ‘sexual intimacy’ was a human right or not, but whether exploiting a class of poor humans (women) was a human right for those that could pay.

And apparently, as a woman, who objects to poor women (of any race) being exploited in prostitution, was not a view I could openly express in response to the pro-exploitation view. Censored. That’s all they got. No coherent arguments as to why it is funky and dandy to rape poor women for money (in place of consent), just censorship. Nice.

Guess what?

I am not on ‘your side’ dudes. Not on the working man’s struggle side. Not on the men-of-colour side. You can deal with your inter-man struggles on your own.

I am on the side of women. Women, of any race or class, not to be exploited, used, raped, or anything else, by you ‘righteous dudes’.

You can stick your Dick Rights where the sun don’t shine. You are a travesty to human and social/civil rights. You have no real credibility when you throw women, any women, under the Dick Bus.

Oh and not unique to this time or place either. Martin Luther King, made the women who organised his marches, march in a parallel street, so as “not to throw focus off the men”.  Ghandi, slept naked with his neices, and stole most of his ideas from the Suffragettes. Freud, having it half-assed backwards with ‘penis envy’. Watson & Crick, happy to steal the work of Rosalind Franklin and get Nobel Prizes. Ditto for Russel, stealing the work of Cecila Payne. Jocelyn Bernell, who had her work stolen by Hewish, Lise Meitner, work stolen by collegues, Nettie Stevens, whose work was stolen by Morgan. The entire group of women who worked for NASA (aka “hidden figures”) and all the women at Bletchey Park, whose work was credited to dudes in white coats. And many, many other women.

Stop using women. You have zero credibility. Stop stealing from women. Stop using women. Stop paying to rape women.

Because you actually are patriarchy. Every bit as much as your more obvious right wing brothers. We see you.

One thought on “All men need their whores

  1. ‘We hold the view that sexual intimacy is a right of all human beings and what two consenting adults do in privacy is no one business. If you wish to debate the merits and deficits of sex worker/s consent choice or intimacy rights, please head to the appropriate forums to do so. This thread – is closed. – SNS Admins’

    Ahh the common male centric claim being uttered by female puppets of men’s pimp industry. Translation is: we men hold the male sex right to stick our dicks into any woman or girl irrespective of her race/ethnicity/age/class etc. because we can and we will!

    Male rights mean male sex right to exploit/steal women’s ideals/inventions/creative writing because this is how we men maintain our male supremacist system. Oh and by the way males of colour are no different to their white bros – they all demand and enact their fake male sex right to oppress women especially women of colour because just like the white bros all women are men’s sexual property!

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