Posted in October 2019

Public Service Announcement

Right Wing men will stab you in the guts. But at least, you can see them coming.   Lefty dudes will stab you in the back. Eventually. * * * * * * * * * 2nd February 2020 update. It seems other feminists have observed similar:

All men need their whores

Lefty dudes, MOC dudes, disabled dudes (apparently) all need their ‘whores’. Never mind that it is the exploitation and violation of women’s HUMAN rights, not to have to have dick stuck into them in order to survive. Modern ‘discourse’ indicates that this is all their own free and estatic choice, free of constraints such as … Continue reading

Battle fatigue

Battle fatigue

I have battle fatigue. After decades of fighting for women’s liberation, we show every sign of going backwards (in feminist analysis/practice at least). Things that I thought were sorted (as far as feminist theory goes) are re-written into bullshit. Radical feminism—’Radical’ meaning going to the root of the problem. The problem, effectively gets defined as … Continue reading